Butler Schein Animal Health
400 Metro Place North
Dublin, OH 43017
Tel: 1.800.258.2148
Fax: 1.888.329.3861
Sales/support: 1.888.691.2724
Tech. solutions: 1.800.827.4243x1
Equine dedicated: 1.888.822.4737
Territory: USA (Nationwide Distribution Network)
Product Line: Animal health products for the companion animal, large animal, and equine; including pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, parasiticides, and medical equipment and supplies, plus over 1000 private label products.
Website: www.butlerschein.com
Patterson Logistics, Webster Veterinary Supply
Webster Veterinary Supply, Inc.
137 Barnum Road
Devens, MA 01434-5230
Tel: 1.800.225.7911
Fax: 1.978.422.8832
Territory: USA (with multiple stocking locations coast to coast)
Product line: Veterinarian supplies large, pharmaceuticals, and small animal handling products.
Website: www.jawebster.com
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
205 W. Rankin St.
Jackson, MS 39284
Telephone: 1.800.647.5368
Fax: 1.800.543.4203
Territory: USA and international.
Product line: Forestry, engineering and environmental products.
Website: www.forestry-suppliers.com/Promo/msa.asp
Midwest Tongs Inc.
14505 South Harris Road
Greenwood, MO 64034
Telephone: 1.888.676.6223
Fax: 1.800.881.6247
Territory: USA & International
Product line: Manufacturers of animal and reptile handling equipment.
Website: www.midwestcapture.com
Website: www.tongs.com
E-mail: info@midwestcapture.com
Vetin-Aacofarma BV
Industrieweg 7
P.O. Box 86 nl 5281 RW
Boxtel, Netherlands
Tel: 31.0.411.658026
Fax 31.0.411.658037

Territory: Netherlands and Europe
Product line: Veterinarian and medical supplies and equipment

Wildlife Control Supplies

Tel toll free 1. 877.684.7262
Tel 1.860.844.0101
Fax 1. 860.413.9831

A Connecticut based, wildlife control supply, stocking distributor, servicing clients nationally and internationally at competitive prices with quality products. They stock a complete line of products and usually ship within two days. Credit cards accepted.

13822 West Boulton Blvd.
Mettawa, Illinois 60045
Customer Service and Sales
Toll Free 1-800-544-7521,
Fax 1-847-680-4440
Web Site www.shopmedvet.com

A quality retailer and wholesaler of veterinary supplies, surgical equipment, prescriptions R/X, animal control products including Vet-Pro™ Gloves, animal grabbers, nets, etc. since 1984.
Territory: United States of America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.
Method of shipments: USPO, UPS, DHL, Fed-X, also by "ship" water.
All Credit Cards accepted. Also money transfers, COD's, Pre-Paid shipments and open approved accounts for charging.
Please review our website for product choices.
Thank You

Ju Kyoung Bang Jae Co., Ltd.
Hyundai Green Apt. Arcade 2nd Fl.
455, Hongje 3-dong
Seoul 120-783 Korea
Tel +82-2-396-8164/5
Fax +82-2-396-8185
Web Site http://www.jk153.com

Exclusive Vet-Pro Animal Glove dealer for South Korea and neighboring countries.

S. K. Woo, President
N. S. Park, Director