Q: What are Vet-Pro™ gloves used for?

A. The safe and gentle handling of cats, dogs, feral cats, snakes, and small, vicious, or rabid animals.

Q: Where are Vet-Pro™ gloves manufactured?


Q: Are Vet-Pro™ Gloves 100% penetration proof?

A: NO, Yet they are very penetration resistant

Q: Are Vet-Pro™ Gloves blunt trauma proof??

A: No, Yet they are very blunt trauma resistant.

Q: What is the length of the Vet-Pro™ Gloves?

A: Most styles are 22" long from longest finger tip to end of cuff.

Q: How many styles are available from Vet-Pro™?

A: 6 styles available, custom styles may be manufactured.

Q: What materials go into the manufacturing of Vet-Pro™ Gloves?

A: American Palomino Split Top Grain leather, Dupont Ballistic Kevlar Felt with kevlar stitching.

Q: What parts of the glove are Kevlar lined?

A: The total glove is lined in Dupont Ballistic Kevlar Felt. Hand portion and total cuff area.

Q: Who tests Vet-Pro™ gloves before they are released into the marketplace?

A: Since the Vet-Pro™ selection of hand protection is so varied, our testing involves Veterinarians, industrial users, commercial users, Humane Societies, wildlife animal control officials, animal testing labs, and animal trappers.

Q: What sizes does Vet-Pro™ offer?

A: Mens sizes only. The most popular size is Men's Large.

Q: How do I clean (or properly care for) my Vet-Pro™ gloves?

A: There are several effective methods for the cleaning and care of your gloves:

1. To clean the leather hand portion of the glove (not the cuff area), use a good leather cleaner such as Lexol Leather Cleaner. We recommend Simoniz products for disinfecting your gloves. This is especially useful for veterinarians and lab technicians. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for these products are available upon request.

2. The most effective way of cleaning the total glove, exterior cuff and hand-portion, including Dupont Ballistic Kevlar Felt lining would be that of professional leather dry-cleaning.

3. It is not recommended to wash your glove in water. However , if you do attempt washing in cool water, be sure to hand form and dry at room temperature for two to three days. Do not put into dryer. Washing Vet-Pro™ gloves in water with sanitizing soap a few times will not destroy the glove. This method is not recommended, nor covered under our 5 year warranty.

4. Foaming Spray leather cleaners are effective for the hand portion only. Be sure to wipe off fairly quickly, and let dry. When dry, spray with a good disinfectant product. Simonize Spray Disinfectant products work well.

Q: Does Vet-Pro™ offer any type of "Warranty"?

A: Yes. A  100% five-year conditional warranty aganist defective workmanship and pre-mature wear. Gloves must be submitted for examination to determine if they qualify for repair or replacement. Since 1991, only three Vet-Pro™ pieces have been returned for repair.

Q: What are the conditions of the factory warranty?

A: The warranty covers premature wear of leather, defective workmanship, and seams opening up.

Q: What does Vet-Pro™ have thats "New" to the marketplace today?

A: Our newest addition to the Vet-Pro™ line is the "Warden Pro-Max," designed primarily for handling feral cats.

Q: When was Vet-Pro™ first intoduced into the marketplace?

A: Vet-Pro™ Animal and Reptile handling Gloves designed by John Egler was first intoduced into the Veterinarian and Industrial Outdoorsman Market in 1991. Vet-Pro™ was the first Quality American Made Animal handling glove offered anywhere in the USA and in many countries. Later to accept introduction into the GSA book for approval with the U.S. Gov't. With the new introduction to "Viper-Hide" animal handling gloves for specialty work. We feel will be most successful and give the best in protection in areas of special application.

Q: Where may Vet-Pro™ Gloves be purchased?

A: Through authorized Dealers only. Located in the USA and in various other Countries. For a dealer nearest to you, browse the "Dealers" section on our web page.